Project ideas

In no order of preference:

Learn about different programming languages using the book 7 languages in 7 weeks.

Try CP3

Regex generator

ASCII image generator on telegram

Create a digital board game, maybe one of the splotter titles

Personalized analytics to see where a person spends most of his or her time on a phone.

Try out graphics raytracing, look inside bookmarks folder for interesting resources

Scraper for giveaways

passport photo id app

Finish up haskell news bot to scrape other sites (other than TC)

Persistent state on telegram games

Do algorithms and data structures in rust

Create a meta game which you can reprogram parts of the game

Hardware level video and audio recording

Roguelike game using RLTK on Rust

Creating an IRC client

Phone GUI clicker app similar to pyautogui but works on mobile

Calendar deconflicting

OCR for forms

Try out 3JS

Update emacs to use it as a OS

Reminder to use Feynman technique to learn stuff